Welcome to petrosar Technology

Petrosar Technology Ltd. is an independent and established consultancy with partners in UK, UAE, France and Libya. Since 2007 we have built a strong reputation for quality, diverse professional knowledge, advance and management to the E&P sector. Since that date, Petrosar Ltd have been providing key services and training to the oil and natural gas industry, both domestically and internationally. Petrosar brings together diversified skills, education and experience to assist clients in achieving success in a variety of areas. Our geologists, geophysicists and petroleum engineers understand the challenges facing the oil & natural gas industry in today's economic climate. We are proud to have been involved as fist and unique consultantcy company in Iran specialized in Petroleum System Analysis, Basin Modeling and Fracture Reservoir Analysis. In addition, Petrosar partnership with well recgnized consultants of Europe, Australia and Canada brings a level of service that exceeds our expectations and enables us to achieve our goal.